"Number one"
Drop in sink- Clear glass, clear bubbles -
4 inch deep, overall dim.: 18" x 17"
Inner size 12"x 10"

Clear bubbles inside the glass.
New line of handmade fused glass sinks. Each piece is unique!
Made in thick glass (16/20mm) these sinks are deep 3 or 4 inch, available
in clear and colored glass.
Clear bubbles or blue bubbles are fused inside the glass, patterns
(fish or other sea creature) are available on request.   
Drop in or semi recess sink.
Clear and blue bubbles
21" inch square. Inner size 13" diam.r
4" deep
Round sink with intense deep blue rim. 13" diameter inner size,
21" overall diam.r.  4" deep.
Can be used as counter top sink or semi recessed.